About Joris Cohen

Joris Cohen, a handpan player and percussionist, was born and raised in the Netherlands. He is the descendent of a Dutch mother and a Sephardic Jewish father. Both music cultures played an important role in his life. This multi-cultural background in conjunction with the diversity of his musical influence through travels helped him feel other cultures and emotions in music. His music transcends stereotypes and regional boundaries. Through his journeys and spiritual pursuits, he explored the unknown, and in this process his music evolved.


In 2013 he discovered the handpan, a Swiss musical instrument created by Panart in 2001. He was instantly hypnotised by the sound , feeling that he could communicate his emotions honestly by playing it.


His fascination with the instrument made him progress quickly. After one year he began to play in the streets of Jerusalem and the Amsterdam museum district, where he met people of all classes and races who reacted very positively to his music. In 2015 he formed the World Music Quartet Bandgladesh,

with who he released two albums and gave more than 50 concerts in Europe.

Besides playing with Bandgladesh, he began to perform solo sessions in iconic locations such as

‘The Royal Palace’ and ‘Stedelijk Museum’ (Amsterdam) and ‘Palais de Tokyo’ (Paris)


In 2016 he entered the ‘Hobelasai dance / theater company’ as a performer and musician.

As a science fiction duo, they perform the visual children-performance ‘Moon’  (produced by ‘Maas Rotterdam podium’). Because of their big success, they currently tour with ‘Moon’ trough Europe!



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