Moon is a choreography created by Javier Murugarren in 2014 and produced by Rotterdam MAAS podium for voor de Leuven festival. It is a duo piece performed by Joris Cohen and Javier Murugarren.

Moon is a children’s choreographic work guided by the visual experience of a large white cloth that is constantly transformed on stage. The special character of this fabric leads the narrative of the piece, as he/she is an element that mutates within the story. It is a fluid exchange between the scenery, the space, the costume and the performer. The work is inspired by the generic idea of outer space (dimensional and corporeal) and inner space (emotional and perceptional). Using the fabric as a metaphor to guide the imaginary frame of the children, in a voyage that includes concrete and recognizable elements (space travels, the moon, mars, astronauts, visual archetypes); to abstract elements (dance compositions, modulation of movement and sound, change of volume of the textile structure, light perception).

Moon has been performed in different contexts and festivals: from school programs visiting the theaters the piece being performed in schools. Holydays are always a good time.
Moon has been very successful also when the venue has arranged a program in connection with primary schools. In Those cases, we have performed up to 5 days on a row, 2 or 3 times a day and received thousands of kids in those periods.

Moon also features an hour long playful workshop where we use live music and the bubble to propose dance and movement games with the children.



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